The Australian Timber Design Awards and Competition reaches a wide range of people by its numerous publishing channels contacts, interactions, and PR events.


Participants of the Awards thus enjoy many publicity opportunities. To make clear just how sizable these opportunities are, we list here publications in which publicity for the Australian Timber Design Awards regularly appears to communicate about the Awards or yearly competition results.

Three Capes Track Cabins by Jaws Architects. Image:  Brett Boardman

Australian Timber Design Awards 2022 E-book

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Awards Result eBook

Published as a digital magazine, the Australian Timber Design Awards result eBooks displays top content received for the competition's participant entries. Once a year, all the categories entries will have the participating design projects published. We also feature the Grand-Prix, the People Choice, and all category winners. The eBooks are made available online via the Australian Timber Design Website.

Traditional Press

The Australian Timber Design Award and Competition communicate all the winners to our affiliate publisher Crowther Blayne Media Specialists and our entries are regularly quoted and featured a wide range of Magazines, Newspapers, and Publications of Trade Fairs, Associations and Companies. The coverage is mostly Australian based but as technologies for timber design advance publicity opportunities become worldwide through online media channels. Our Awards winners have been featured in the following Australian publications:
  • [inside]
  • Architect & Builder
  • Architectural Bulletin
  • Architectural Review Australia
  • Architecture Australia
  • Artichoke
  • Australasian Timber Magazine
  • Australian Building Surveyor
  • Backyard & Garden Design Ideas
  • BDAV News
  • Building Connections
  • Building Contractor
  • Building Product News
  • Contemporary Home Design
  • Engineers Australia
  • Green Living
  • HIA Housing
  • Infolink Architecture and Design
  • Inwood (NZ)
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly
  • Luxury Home Design
  • Outdoor Design & Living
  • Outdoor Design Source
  • Outdoor Rooms
  • Perspectives
  • Poolside Showcase
  • Renovate & Extend
  • SA Builder
  • The Architect
  • The Building Designer
  • Timber Design Australasia
  • Timber Trader News
  • Timber Trades Journal (UK)

Online Press

The team of the Australian Timber Design Awards and Competition provide tools for communication to the designers. The winning participants are given badges to put in their websites to indicate their recognition by our industry of their outstanding achievement in winning. Furthermore, winning projects are sought by online press to provide their readerships with news of outstanding design achievements. Online publicity has appeared on the websites or the e-newsletters of the following organisations:

Social Media

The Australian Timber Design Award and Competition reaches an even greater audience with its Facebook and Instagram social network. The aim is to reach like-minded people that take design as a centre element in their life's, design enthusiasts and lovers.


For each category, the Australian Timber Design Award and Competition creates a newsletter to interested parties mainly consisting of design editors, architects, designers, builders, engineers, academics, marketers, product managers, CEO of design oriented companies, companies relevant to the categories.

Get in Touch

If you wish to get involved in the Australian Timber Design Awards, just send us a message about which particular area of the Awards you are interested. One of our friendly staff will get back in touch with to assist you.